Lugaw Delivery Driver Speaks about Fake FB Post of Female Brgy. Official

Here’s what the lugaw delivery driver clarified about fake post on Facebook

Marvin Ignacio, the lugaw delivery driver who had a controversial encounter with a female barangay official, has spoken about fake Facebook post that has been circulating online.

The issue about “lugaw” became a trending topic on social media these past few days. A video circulated online showing that a female barangay official reprimanded Ignacio for still delivering during curfew hours. The delivery driver stressed that the “lugaw” being a food, is also essential but the official argued that it is not.

lugaw delivery driver marvin ignacio
Photo credit: PEP / Twitter

As the video went viral, many netizens scrutinized the female official and what she did to the lugaw delivery driver. An article was recently published stating that the female official has spoken about this issue. This came from a Facebook post under the name Phez Raymundo.

According to what was stated in the post, the official was dismissed and even blamed the IATF for “confusing” regulations when it comes to the protocols being implemented. Once again, the official received a massive amount of criticisms from netizens due to this.

On the other hand, based on the article in PEP, the lugaw delivery driver clarified that the said FB post of the supposed female barangay official was fake. He said that he did not mention the name of the official in interviews. That was the reason why he was surprised that netizens who appeared to be investigating have known the identity of the official.

Ignacio said that the social media account of the official was already deactivated and so netizens are attacking the fake account. The delivery driver also stressed that the news saying that the official was dismissed is also fake.

Following this incident, the lugaw delivery driver shared that Lugaw Pilipinas, where the food he delivered came from, received more take-out and delivery orders. Ignacio also received a month supply of free lugaw for his family and chest bags for riders because of his firm standing that lugaw is also essential food.

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