Roque Blames Virus Mutation, Not Easing Of Travel Protocols For ECQ

Roque Blames Virus Mutation For New ECQ In NCR Plus Bubble

ROQUE BLAMES VIRUS MUTATION – A year into the first ECQ, Metro Manila is under another ECQ. But who’s to blame?

According to Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, “no one could have done anything”. As such, he blamed the virus’ mutation for causing an outbreak leading to what netizens call: “ECQ Season 2”.

Recently, Roque boasted that the government showed “excellent” results in its COVID-19 response. However, the days prior to his statement, the Philippines was already recording more and more cases. Afterward, the number of daily COVID-19 infections in the Philippines broke all-time-highs.

Roque Blames Virus Mutation, Not Easing Of Travel Protocols For ECQ
Image from: PNA

Meanwhile, during his interview on ANC’s Headstart, Roque emphasized that it wasn’t the government’s fault that Metro Manila was now back to “square one”. He said “It’s not because of government; it’s because of the virus“.

Earlier in the year, the Philippines eased its travel restrictions, especially for government officials. Around that time, new “mutations of concern” such as the U.K. and South African strain were already detected in the country. Soon, enough outbreaks of the strains were observed in areas such as the Mountain Province.

This led to the Philippines first localized lockdown due to an outbreak. Since then, the cases kept growing and another mutation of concern, the “Brazilian variant” was detected. Following this, the Philippines got its own variant dubbed as the “P.3. variant”.

As per the interview, Roque said: “No one could have done anything about it”. Moreover, Roque explained that it’s the virus’ nature to mutate. Finally, he stressed that what we need to do is to “adapt” to these mutations.

“If they are more transmissible, then we will be more vigilant in our ‘mask, hugas, iwas, and bakuna”, he added.

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