Construction Workers Built House for Pregnant Dog Despite Busy Work

Construction Workers Built House for Pregnant Dog Earned Praise Online

Netizens praise construction workers after they built a house for a pregnant dog who is near to labor despite their busy work at their site.

On Facebook, a proud netizen named Mark Christian Barongan Aga shared some construction workers at a site in Tondo, Manila that despite they were busy in their work they took the time to make a stray dog a house.

Pregnant Dog

In a post by Mark on Facebook, he recounted how much construction workers love Tiger, the mother dog who lives on their site. She was about to give birth and they felt pity for her because she had no proper shelter.

In the photos he shared, two construction workers can be seen busy building Tiger’s house. It is made of wood and it looks like it has a nice design yet. According to Mark, when Tiger is giving birth, there were so plenty.

Construction Workers

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Netizens praised the construction workers for giving value to the dog. Meanwhile, in a new update on Facebook, Mark announces Tiger’s puppies are out.

Based on the photos he uploaded, the dog gave birth under the steel storage so the workers still needed to remove the barriers to get the dogs and move them to a safer place.

After removing some metal things, construction workers carefully took the puppies and placed them in cartons. Tiger had seven children in all, which Mark earlier said that she gives birth in large numbers.

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