Ellen Adarna Shares First Kiss With Boyfriend Derek Ramsay

Here’s the awkward first kiss moment of Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay.

ELLEN ADARNA – New celebrity couple Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay share the story of how awkward their first kiss was.

“It’s not a normal relationship,” says actor Derek Ramsay about what’s between him and actress Ellen Adarna. The start of their relationship was unconventional and it didn’t have the typical ‘ligawan’ stages. The pacing of their story was accordingly very fast that even Ellen confessed that a month with him felt like a year already.

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In a previous report, the actor has accordingly planned out what to do next after split with Kapuso actress Andrea Torres as it brought major changes in his life. But Ellen came in and he blindsidedly fell in love with her.

He admitted she’s his match and during their interview with radio hosts Rico Robles and Karla Aguas for RX 93.1 on Thursday, March 4, they made more confessions about their story. It was the “worst foot forward” that they did that immediately ignited the spark between them.


It was exactly last February 4 that they officially became a couple. And talking about their ‘first kiss’, it was Ellen who initiated it and the moment was just very quick. In what they call the “lagalagan portion” regarding their kiss, Derek recalled the funny and awkward moment for them, “First kiss, this can set the tone. Make or break.”

He added, “You’re supposed to kiss with your lips. I had a very good encounter with her teeth. I was, like, ‘What? Yun na ‘yon?!'”

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It was just a smack for Ellen and for Derek, it’s their first kiss insisting to her during the interview, “That’s still our first kiss.”

“Ang pangit!” says Ellen about it seconded by Derek, “Ang pangit talaga.” The couple recalled that it happened when he dropped her off at her house. Before quickly leaving, she did it and it left him stunned. At that moment, Ellen confessed that she just really wanted to kiss him, thus, the action.

“But when we had our first first kiss, yeah, I knew,” says Derek after a while about the real kiss they shared.


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