Police Corporal Impregnates Mistress, Seeks Help from His Wife

Police Corporal Seeks Help from His Wife After Impregnating Mistress,

A certain Police Corporal who impregnated his mistress immediately sought help from his beloved wife and doubting the woman’s claim.

A woman named Yvonne Sandoval has sought the help of the Pinoy veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo against Police Corporal Christian Peter Garino for impregnating her. However, the cop is doubting her claims.

Corporal Garino had a relationship with Sandoval before impregnating her. The cop also hid the truth to Yvonne that he is already married with Zel. The police seeks help from his wife after the woman claimed that she is pregnant.

Police Corporal

However, the police corporal is doubting the claims of Yvonne due to the count of months. Garino claimed that they had their intimate moment last July 2020 but Yvonne claimed that she is now pregnant for eight months.

Eventually, Tulfo offered to sponsor the baby’s DNA testing to determine if Sandoval really carries Garino’s child. The cop’s wife Zel also revealed that the mistress is allegedly asking money from them to support the baby.

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Police Corporal

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