Benguet Flower Farmers Hoping To Recover Losses on Valentine’s Day

Benguet Flower Farmers Hope Many Filipino Will Buy Flowers on Valentine’s Day to Recover Losses

Benguet flower farmers are hoping to recover their losses due to the effects of coronavirus disease on the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Every February, a lot of people in various countries all around the world including the Philippines are busy preparing gifts, surprises, and flowers for their special someone or loved ones.

Flowers have been already a part of the Filipino culture and tradition not only on Valentine’s Day but in other occasions such as weddings, birthdays, graduation, and even funeral. Most Filipinos are giving flowers to their loved ones every Valentine’s Day to show their love.

Benguet Flower Farmers

Unfortunately, the flower business is one of the businesses that has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Most farmers lost a lot due to the economic and health crisis in the country.

Bahong barangay chairperson Belmer Elis said that his fellow flower farmers are hoping that a lot of Filipino people would buy flowers for their loved ones on Valentine’s Day. They are hoping to recover their losses over the past few months.

“Every purchase of the local rose or any flower variety will save the farmers from further incurring losses,” Elis said.

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Benguet Flower Farmers

Belmer also stressed out that the agriculture industry has been severely affected by the pandemic after the Philippine government declared ECQ throughout the country, which prohibits gatherings such as graduation ceremonies, parties, weddings and other events that uses flower decorations.

Bahong is considered as the major producer of roses, which is distributed in different parts of the country especially at Dangwa Flower Market in Manila. The town has been dubbed as the “rose capital” of the Philippines.

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