Here’s what Regine Velasquez about Lani Misalucha

Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez reacted to the performance of Asia’s Nightingale Lani Misalucha amid her acquired deafness.

Late last year, reports surfaced that Lani and her husband suffered from bacterial meningitis and this led to deafness which broke the heart of the singer’s fans.

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Being in the profession of singing, hearing is a vital factor. Despite this health condition, Lani shared her first selfie for 2021 with a very hopeful mindset.

Reports also stated that the popular singer had to use a hearing aid now in order for her to hear. With this, somehow, Lani Misalucha can go back to doing her passion.

In her comeback performance, her fellow singer and close friend Regine Velasquez shared her reaction. Based on the article in Inquirer, the Songbird shared that she could not help but cry while watching Lani’s performance.

Lani is a funny lady who is so full of confidence. She may appear shy, but she’s turned into a beast onstage. So I was crying and crying while watching her, because I could see that she was struggling. And I have never seen her cry like that,” Regine shared.

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She added that they are still communicating with each opther through messaging and she would always ask, “Mare, kumusta ka?” For Regine, the most heartbreaking thing for her was that when Lani said that sining is no longer for her.

“I said, ‘No. That can’t be, Lani.’ I was in denial. I didn’t want to accept that for her,” Regine Velasquez said to her friend.

The Songbird also said that Lani is now recovering. “I’m hoping I get to talk to her one of these days just so I can tell her that I love her and that I’m here for her if there’s anything she needs,” Regine added.

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