Swan Mourns Death Of Partner, Holds Up 23 Trains In The Process

Swan Mourns Death Of Partner, Sits Besides Body On Train Tracks & Delays 23 Trains

SWAN MOURNS DEATH OF PARTNER – A swan mourning the death of its companion caused a delay of train operations in Germany for almost an hour.

Swans have been known to show emotions. This particular swan was seen almost grieving for its partner who died right on the train tracks. According to local reports, the two birds strayed into the tracks of high-speed lines between Kassel and Gottingen in Central Germany.

Sadly, one of the birds apparently died after getting itself caught in the overhead power cables. After its death, its companion sat beside the dead body right on the tracks.

Swan Mourns Death Of Friend, Holds Up 23 Trains In The Process

Authorities tried desperately to lure the creature out of the tracks. However, the swan remained seated in place as it mourned the death of his companion. Because of this, 23 trains got delayed.

After an hour, firefighters with special equipment were called to assist in the situation. They managed to lift the dead swan and its partner safely out of the area. Following this, the surviving swan was released onto the river Fulda.

Swans, unlike most animals, mate for life. That means that once it has found a partner, their bond becomes stronger than even most human marriages.

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