Enchanted Sequel: Amy Adams Will Return In Disney’s ‘Disenchanted’

Here are the details about the Enchanted sequel

Disney confirmed that the Enchanted sequel is happening and Amy Adams will return as the singing and dancing princess Giselle.

The movie was first released in 2007 and told the story about a princess who was banished from her kingdom by the evil stepmother of her “prince”. She was transported to the real world and met a lawyer whom she fell in love with.

enchanted sequel
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Based on the article form Digital Spy, the sequel was already confirmed a decade ago and there were no updates after that. In 2016, director Adam Shackman (Hairspray) signed to the direct the movie and initially, the plan was to start filming in summer 2017.

However, that did not happen. It was just recently when Disney announced that the Enchanted sequel is in the works.

Reportedly, there was a delay in the script as Shakman had to work hard with Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz in the song lyrics in order to get the script “completely right”.

With Shakman also signed to direct the movie Hocus Pocus 2, Disenchanted will be released more likely in 2022, based on the article.

Aside from Amy Adams, it is confirmed that James Marsden will also return as Prince Edward. Fans are also expecting that Patrick Dempsey and Idina Menzel will return as they did a major part in the first movie, as well as Susan Sarandon (Queen Narissa) but this is not confirmed yet.

The plot of the Enchanted sequel is expected to start with their lives after Giselle and Robert got married. Disenchanted will explore the story as Amy Adam’s character began questioning her happily-ever-after life and this will lead to unexpected events that will affect the real world and Andalasia.

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