PH Likely To Prioritize China Vaccine – Vaccine Czar

PH Likely To Prioritize China COVID-19 Vaccine Says Galvez Jr.

PH LIKELY TO PRIORITIZE CHINA VACCINE – It’s no surprise that the Philippines has a close relationship with China thanks to President Duterte.

During the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, the President was among the few to allow China to enter their countries despite the explosive number of new cases. Unfortunately, the Philippines is still struggling against COVID-19 with China imposing a travel ban on Filipinos.

However, around 10 months after the initial outbreak, several potential vaccine candidates have been developed. Big Pharma such as Pfizer and Moderna had already finished testing their vaccine and are set for mass distribution.

PH Likely To Prioritize China Vaccine – Vaccine Czar
Image from: Global Times

Among the countries expected to get the vaccine first are the US and the UK with the latter already going public with the vaccine. Meanwhile, the Philippines had already set their eyes on China’s own vaccine candidate.

According to an article from Inquirer, Galvez said:

Ang most probably sa first quarter, two vaccines. Either Gamaleya or yung Sinovac. Nakikita natin yung Sinovac, there [is] more confidence because Brazil and Indonesia had already gotten some of those

Furthermore, despite the controversy and lack of public trust with China’s vaccine, Galvez asserts that it is safe. As per the article, he added:

I was briefed by the vaccine expert panel and so with the DOST [Department of Science and Technology]. Based on their evaluation, Sinovac and Chinese vaccines are very safe.

When asked if he would be willing to get injected with the vaccine, he said that he’d be more than willing to do so.

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