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Man Fights Alligator To Save His Dog, Jumps Into Pond And Drags Gator Out Of Water

MAN FIGHTS ALLIGATOR – In a desperate attempt to save his pet dog, Richard Wilbanks jumped in a pond and fought an alligator with his bare hands.

In a spur of adrenaline, Wilbanks didn’t hesitate to wrestle with the dangerous gator to save his beloved pet, Gunner. After jumping into the pond, Wilbanks dragged the alligator to land and pried its jaws open to save his pet.

A video was captured showing the incident and how Wilbanks’s fast-thinking managed to free Gunner from the alligator’s jaws. Here is the video:

According to an interview with CNN, Wilbanks described the moment the gator shot out the water to grab the small pup. “I never thought an alligator could be that fast. It was so quick.”, he said.

Man Fights Aligator To Save His Dog, Grabs Its Mouth & Pries It Open
Image from: Unilad

Fortunately, because of Wilbanks’ quick actions, Gunner suffered no serious injuries. Along with this, the owner also sustained little injuries from his fight with the gator.

They’re like children to us, so there was no second thought whatsoever…
He had one little puncture wound, and my hands were just chewed up.

Following the incident, Wilbanks and his wife said that they still walk Gunner around the area. However, they now take caution and never let Gunner within 10 feet from the water.

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