OVP Included In Corruption Probe Despite SALN, COA Praise – DOJ

OVP Included In Corruption Probe If There Are Complaints Says DOJ

OVP IN CORRUPTION PROBE – According to the Department of Justice, the Office of the Vice President would be included in any investigation on corruption.

Recently, President Rodrigo Duterte created a task force to rid the government of corruption. Among its functions is the investigation of anomalies and irregularities. Meanwhile, Justice Secretary and Task Force head Menardo Guevarra said the OVP won’t be spared if there are complaints of corruption within the office.

However, Guevarra emphasized that there is currently no order from Malacañang to conduct investigations on Robredo’s office. Still, the OVP has become the most commended office within the government.

OVP Included In Corruption Probe Despite SALN, COA Praise - DOJ

For two years straight, the OVP had the highest COA audit rating. Furthermore, the Vice President was one of the government officials who immediately released her SALN to the public.

Earlier this week, Duterte accused Robredo of spreading the narrative that he was nowhere to be found during the onslaught of the flooding brought by Ulysses. His accusations against Robredo went on for around 20 mins.

But, Robredo quickly denounced Duterte’s statements and said she never asked the question “Nasaan Na Ang Pangulo”. However, Roque stated that Duterte had his reasons for going on a tirade against the Vice President.

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