Bello Gets Phone Snatched Near City Hall While Trying To Get Signal

Bello Gets Phone Snatched Trying To Get Signal Inside His Car

BELLO GETS PHONE SNATCHED – Among the most common issues Manila faces is bad data and signal strength. Additionally, Manila also faces a surplus of snatchers.

Unfortunately, Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III had a taste of both on the same day. According to reports, Bello was even inside his own car when the snatching happened. Still, this didn’t stop the snatchers from taking the opportunity to get a profit.

Sadly, Bello seemed to be stuck in a storm of unfortunate events. A report from Philstar said Bello was stuck in traffic and was trying to get a signal. So, the Labor Secretary opened his car’s window to find a signal for his phone.

Bello Gets Phone Snatched Near City Hall While Trying To Get Signal
Image from: Daily Tribune

This became the perfect signal for the snatchers to begin their operation. It was the perfect opportunity to strike. Bello, stuck in traffic, couldn’t chase after the snatchers if ever his phone was stolen.

As Bello tried to find a signal with windows down, the snatchers quickly ran up to Bello and took his phone. Afterward, the suspects immediately fled the scene into a sea of people and traffic.

Luckily, police do have leads on the snatchers. As per the report, the two men were identified as Udong and Butch. Currently, police have launched a manhunt for the suspects to recover the Labor Secretary’s phone.

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