Alex Diaz Open To Star In BL Series W/ Tony Labrusca

Alex Diaz Says He’s Open To Doing BL Project W/ Tony Labrusca

ALEX DIAZ – Scottish-Filipino actor Alex Diaz open to star in Boys Love (BL) series with actor Tony Labrusca

Last year, actor and model Alex Diaz made a revelation about his se*uality after he was accused of making an indecent proposal to fitness coach Miguel Chanco. He posted screenshots of his private conversation with the actor.

It was also rumored last year that his boyfriend is the actor Tony Labrusca. The rumors ignited because they were on the same flight.

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During the “Oh, Mando!” media conference, Alex Diaz reacted to his past issues and rumor linking him to Tony Labrusca. He said being openly bise*ual has made him more of an open book.

“The more I talk about it, the more I understand myself better. In terms of being mas careful, I feel like before I was so careful and when you are so careful trying to keep yourself from doing anything wrong, when you explode, grabe talaga yung explosion di ba.”

“Now I’m at this point where watching what I say, watching how I act, watching what I do, grabe I feel like I’m in such a good place where I don’t have to be careful. Now I’m paid to be exactly who I am. So it’s a good feeling,” he said.

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Alex Diaz was also asked during the mediacon if he’s open to working with Tony Labrusca. The 26-year-old actor said it is always a possibility.

“I think to dissect the situation, I need to take complete ownership sa lahat ng mga bagay sa buhay natin. In terms of clarification, wala na akong kailangan i-clarify kasi I think naka ilang interview na ako and I think kami din ni Tony alam namin na kahit anong sabihin namin, you know people will really talk and the issue won’t die because it’s on the internet…”

“To answer the question, alam ko naman na pag nag-project kami ni Tony, maraming manunuod. Papatok siya because of the issue. So if the script is really good, if the script is fantastic, why not?” he added.

Alex Diaz’ BL series “Oh, Mando” also stars Kokoy de Santos, and Barbie Imperial and directed by Eduardo Roy. You can watch the series starting Nov. 5 on iWant TFC.

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