Geneva Cruz Opens Up About ‘Nose Enhancement’ & Being Bullied

Here’s what Geneva Cruz about her past in showbiz

Singer-actress Geneva Cruz opened up about being bullied in showbiz and the “nose enhancement” that she underwent.

Geneva came from a popular showbiz clan. Just like other Cruzes in the entertainment industry, she started her showbiz career at a young age. She was part of the Kapamilya youth-oriented show Ang TV and the singing group Smokey Mountains.

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In one of her recent Instagram post, Geneva admitted that she had her nose job at the age of 16. She shared that from her childhood, her parents flourished her confidence as they instilled in her mind that she is beautiful in her own way.

However, there was a point in her teenage life that she doubted this. “I was only 16 when I was asked to have my nose altered a bit and I thought something was wrong with me,” she shared.

Because of that, Geneva Cruz said that she carried that sense of doubt even after she had a new nose. With this revelation, she also mentioned that because of her old nose she was bullied, and even after she had it done, people still have negative comments against her.–jcfJ/

“I just couldn’t win w/ them… as if it was my decision to touch my nose,” she said. For 28 years, Geneva said that she has learned to love her nose. The singer-actress stressed that even though her nose is more narrow now, she is still the same person inside.

In her post, showing her evolution from the time when she was just 13 years until now, Geneva encouraged her fellow Pinoys to accept the natural features of their nose.

However, she stressed that she does not condemn cosmetic enhancement as long as it is the personal choice of a person and not just because he or she was told to do it.

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