Vicki Belo On Isaw-Adidas Challenge: ‘Nakaka-stress ‘to’

Vicki Belo did this challenge in her recent vlog

Celebrity doctor Vicki Belo, who also ventured into vlogging, featured this challenge in her recent vlog and this is what happened.

Vicki is featuring celebrities in her YouTube channel. Previously, she was joined by actress and YouTube sensation Ivana Alawi. It is known to many that Ivana is one of the celebrities in the Philippines who have a huge number of subscribers.

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The celebrity doctor that it was a good way to guest Ivana in her first guest in her re-invented YouTube channel. They did a fun carwash challenge with Vicki’s daughter Scarlet Snow Belo.

Vicki Belo did a new challenge in her recent vlog featuring celebrity couple Jason Francisco and Melai Cantiveros. The couple challenged the beauty expert to eat street foods.

MelaSon, the tandem of Melai and Jason, went to Vicki’s house with a bunch of popular Pinoy street foods such as squid ball, kikiam, kwek-kwek, adidas, betamax (inihaw na dugo ng manok), isaw at balot, based on the article from Bandera.

The doctor had a taste of each street food but she questioned the taste of “isaw”.  “Ano ‘to? Ang bitter. Ano ‘yun?” Vicki asked. Then, Melai answered that what she tasted were the stuff eaten by the chicken.

“The bitter the better,” Jason added. Vicki said that there was something weird with the said food. “Pagod na ako. Nakaka-stress ‘to,” the celebrity doctor exclaimed.

When the couple said that the next food that Vicki Belo will eat was “adidas” or chicken feet, the latter said that she does not want to do it anymore.

“Ayoko. This looks really scary. I really cannot do this. I’m sorry,” the doctor said while laughing.

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