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What Is Evident? Definition And Usage Of This Term

What Is Evident? Definition And Usage Of This Term

What Is Evident? Definition And Usage Of This Term

WHAT IS EVIDENT – In this topic, we will first know the definition of this term and how is this term used in sentences.



The Oxford Dictionary defines the term as the following:

  • plain or obvious; clearly seen or understood.

On the other hand, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines this term as the following:

  • clear to the vision or understanding


Here are the following synonyms of this term:

  • obvious
  • apparent
  • noticeable
  • conspicuous
  • perceptible
  • perceivable
  • visible
  • assumed
  • ostensible
  • ostensive
  • presumed
  • prima facie
  • putative


It is a late Middle English term from the Latin term evidensevident-, which means ‘‘obvious to the eye or mind’’.


Here are some of the examples:

  • The Meditations were written, it is evident, as occasion offered – in the midst of public business, and on the eve of battles on which the fate of the empire depended – hence their fragmentary appearance, but hence also much of their practical value and even of their charm.
  • Her behaviour is easy and natural, and it is charming because of its frankness and evident sincerity.
  • Prince Andrew gaily bore with his father’s ridicule of the new men, and drew him on and listened to him with evident pleasure.
  • From all these reports it was evident that where they had expected to meet a single division there was now the whole French army marching from Moscow in an unexpected direction–along the Kaluga road.

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