High-Tech Face Mask Sold In Japan Can Be Used As Translator

High-Tech Face Mask In Japan Has Translator, Social Distancing System

HIGH-TECH FACE MASK – The use of technology to address pressing problems amid the pandemic is paramount. As such, a robotics company from Japan called “Donut Robotics” developed a face mask integrated with new technology.

It also helps users adhere to social distancing protocols. Along with this, it also serves as a language translator.

The minds behind the high-tech face mask call it the “C-Face”. It mainly works by transmitting the user’s speech to a smartphone through an app. Afterward, it allows people to have conversations while keeping up to 10 meters apart.

High-Tech Face Mask Sold In Japan Can Be Used As Translator
Image from: AFP

Among the languages it can translate are Japanese into English, Korean, and other languages. This would greatly benefit travelers once the quarantine restrictions on travel are lowered.

However, the device alone could not protect against COVID-19. Instead, it is designed to be worn over a regular face mask. Meanwhile, the pricing for the C-Face goes for around $40 dollars or 4000 yen.

Likewise, another high-tech mask was developed in Singapore, this time with even more features. According to an article from ABS-CBN, this mask offers sensors that can monitor:

  • body temperature
  • heart rate
  • blood pressure
  • blood oxygen levels

Moreover, the sensors could then transmit the data to a smartphone via a Bluetooth. During an interview, one of the scientists responsible for the mask said:

Many of these frontline workers will be exposed to patients when they are taking their vital signs…

This poses a health risk to the nurses, and we wanted to think about a way to reduce such a risk

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