Kakai Bautista Recalls Happy Memories W/ Thai Actor Mario Maurer

KAKAI BAUTISTA – Actress Kakai Bautista recalled her happy moments with Thai actor Mario Maurer.

Filipina actress, singer, and comedienne Kakai Bautista first started out as a theater actress. In 2012, she and Thai Superstar Mario Maurer worked together in a rom-com movie titled “Suddenly It’s Magic” with Erich Gonzales.

The actress admitted that she almost quit showbiz in the past because of the Thai actor. In an interview with PEP last year, Kakai revealed that she hasn’t communicated with Maurer since 2015.

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Kakai Bautista also revealed that the controversy around their friendship made her think of quitting showbiz. She admitted “muntik na akong mag-quit ng showbiz noon. Kasi first time kong ma-ganoon.”

“Sinasabi ng mga tao [ginagamit ko raw siya]. Sabi ko nga. ‘Bakit ko naman gagamitin? Baka hindi lang kayo sanay sa mga sweet na tao at saka mababait talaga,” she added.

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In her Instagram post last September 21, Kakai Bautista happily shared her happy moments with Mario Maurer. She shared a clip of their guesting at Gandang Gabi Vice where the Thai actor can be seen amazed with her singing ability.

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Maurer couldn’t help but stare at her while she’s singing the theme song of their movie. In the caption, she thanked him for giving her wonderful memories.

“Mario was really kind and authentic. He was good to me until the end. I’ve seen so much of him that other people have never seen. (Siguro) I am forever grateful. Ang sarap ng feeling na kapag naalala kita, Puro masaya lang nagpaflash sa utak ko. Salamat sa pagdaan sa buhay ko,” she said.

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Watch the video below:

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