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What Is Excellence? Definition And Usage Of This Term

WHAT IS EXCELLENCE – In this topic, we will first know the definition of this term and how is this term used in sentences.



The Oxford Dictionary described this term as the following:

  • the quality of being outstanding or extremely good
  • an outstanding feature or quality.

On the other hand, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines this term as the following:

  • he quality of being excellent
  • an excellent or valuable quality

Synonyms and Antonyms

Here are the following synonyms and antonyms of this term:

  • Synonyms
    • distinction
    • quality
    • high quality
    • superiority
    • brilliance
    • choiceness
    • distinction
    • excellency
    • first-rateness
    • greatness
  • Antonyms
    • inferiority
    • mediocrity
    • subordination
    • subservience
    • subjection


It is a late Middle English term which is derived from the Latin excellentia, which is from the verb excellere or ‘surpass’ in English.

  • Babylonian art, however, had already attained a high degree of excellence; two seal cylinders of the time of Sargon are among the most beautiful specimens of the gem-cutter’s art ever discovered.
  • Charpentier in his Excellence de la langue francaise (1683) had anticipated Perrault in the famous academical dispute concerning the relative merit of the ancients and moderns.
  • Since Bel signifies the “lord” or “master” par excellence, it is, therefore, a title rather than a genuine name, and must have been given to a deity who had acquired a position at the head of a pantheon.
  • Paz Soldan and other Peruvian geographers give the name of Andes, par excellence, to the Eastern Cordillera.

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