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NASA Finds Signs Of “Fresh Ice” In Enceladus

NASA FINDS SIGNS OF FRESH ICE – Since then, humans have always asked the question “are we alone”.

In the vast ever-expanding universe, one simply cannot shy away from such an exciting and terrifying possibility. Now, using modern technology, scientists have found signs that life outside of planet Earth may be present.

According to an article from Futurism, NASA dug through detailed infrared photos of Saturn’s icy moon, Enceladus. Furthermore, the photo was taken from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. Unfortunately, this spacecraft had its final mission in 2017 after 13 years of exploring Saturn.

NASA Finds Signs Of "Fresh Ice" On Saturn's Moon
Image from: Universe Today

Apparently, scientist decided to conduct a little “throwback Thursday” and looked at photos gathered from the mission. However, the scientist were surprised as they found “strong evidence” of fresh ice in Enceladus’ northern hemisphere.

But, this isn’t the first time signs of life were found on the icy moon. As per the article, a team of researchers found traces of organic compounds in Enceladus’ icy plumes. The researchers were from the Free University of Berlin.

Meanwhile, Gabriel Tobie, VIMS scientist at the University of Nantes, France said:

The infrared shows us that the surface of the south pole is young, which is not a surprise because we knew about the jets that blast icy material there..

Now, thanks to these infrared eyes, you can go back in time and say that one large region in the northern hemisphere appears also young and was probably active not that long ago, in geologic timelines

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