Fish Kill In Baseco: Fisherfolk Group Says Area is Degraded

Fisherfolk Group Gives Opinion On Baseco Fish Kill

FISH KILL IN BASECO – Recently, netizens have begun a debate regarding the recent fish kill along a part of Manila Bay.

Recently, heavy rains swept across Metro Manila. As such, the Manila bay was also affected. As such, a photo surfaced on social media showing how the “white sand” was being washed away into the ocean.

Days later, a large fish kill was reported. Residents near Baseco posted photos of hundreds of dead fish floating on the waters. Because of the timeliness of the events, some say that it was because of the dolomite used in the Bay.

Fish Kill In Baseco: Fisherfolk Group Says Area is Degraded
Image from: Mindanao Daily Mirror

Meanwhile, others said it was due to pollution. But, the fisherfolk group, Pamalakaya said it was an indication that the Baseco portion of the Bay has degraded.

According to an article from Philstar, Pamalakaya said:

It‘s environmental degradation is supposed to be the main concern that the DENR should be seriously addressing, not busying itself with some kind of beach nourishment’ that is actually ephemeral aesthetics, but irrelevant to rehabilitation.

However, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources said that they could not give a concrete statement regarding the recent fish kill. Nazario Briguera, BFAR information and fisherfolk coordination chief explained that they still lack the data required to announce results.

As such, Pamalakaya called on BFAR to conduct water sampling and laboratory analysis for potential water pollution. Still, there’s yet to be a concrete link to the dolomite and the fish kill.

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