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Example Of Short Descriptive Essay Regarding Vices

WHAT ARE VICES? – In this article, we are going to give an example of an essay regarding the effects of vices, especially to the youth.

Descriptive essays use a detailed way of writing that often gives a fuller visualization for the reader. Here is an example of one regarding the effects of vices:

Vices are habits of moral depravity or corruption. Young adults are prone to these kinds of doings. It is infrequent to find a place that is free from social vices. This portrays that these vices are common in all educational institutions causing problems and distractions to millennials.

Essay About Vices? – Short Descriptive Essay Example

This generally troubled today’s generation in terms of their characters, conduct and response to daily activities which is not beneficial to an individual. The related studies states that teenagers tend to be prone in habits of drinking alcohol and smoking.

Students in social surroundings frequently pair smoking and drinking together. Also, gambling is another corrupted habit and it states that adolescence practice this occasionally.

Lastly, computer addiction is shown to be another cause even though it is popular among male students. To sum everything up, alcoholism, smoking, gambling, drugs, and computer addiction are the most common vices among young adults.

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