Aya Medel had to undergo 4 surgeries and here’s the reason why

Former daring actress Aya Medel underwent 4 surgeries because of her medical condition and she shared an update about it.

Aya was one of the popular daring stars during the era of titillating films in the Philippine entertainment industry. After that period of daring movies, Aya decided to take up culinary arts under Chef Gene Gonzalez.

aya medel
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After her career in the show business, she was able to find her passion in food business. Aya put up her own restaurant in Tabaco, Albay. She is now mother of two adorable kids.

In her recent Facebook post, the former daring actress shared a photo showing that she was in a hospital bed. Based on the article from Pilipino Star Ngayon, it was already her fourth surgery. It is because of her bleeding after she gave birth to her son Simon.

She also thanked her blood donors because she always needed to have blood transfusions often as it is required for her medical condition.

“Thank you for the doctors and nurses involved in my surgery. Please guide their minds and hands that they may work with care and skill. The Bible says that you will fight for me while I remain still, rooted in you. As I lay still in my operation, please work on my behalf so that the operation is a success and I get better. You have loved me and have freed me from my sins by Jesus’ blood. To you be glory and dominion forever and ever. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.?” Aya Medel shared in her post.

aya medel
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Based on the article, the former daring actress was supposed to have her surgery in March. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was postponed.

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