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Netizens Push Back Against Filipinx Says Filipino Is Already Gender Neutral

NETIZENS PUSH BACK AGAINST FILIPINX – The term Filipinx had yet again resurfaced on social media as a “gender-neutral” way to call people from the Philippines.

Recently, added the word to its database which caused an uproar on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. According to the site, Filipinx is described as an adjective that describes “natives or inhabitants of the Philippines (used in place of the masculine form Filipino or the feminine form Filipina)”.

Because of this, a user from Reddit pointed out that the use of Filipinx, for lack of a better word – sucks.

Netizens Push Back Against "Filipinx" Instead Of Using Filipino

In a post, user Thirdworldpcgamer said:

Hear me out why this is worrying: Imagine going on a vacation aboard and foreigners, instead of calling you as “Filipino” call you “Filipinx“, which sounds really stupid to our ears as the only word that we are familiar that sounds similar is the Sphinx.

Apparently, the Fil-am community, more specifically, those born in America, have gained steady traction in their campaign to replace the use of Filipino with the word “Filipinx”. Meanwhile, some have stated that the term only applies to them and not to people from the Philippines.

Once again, “western progressive standards” are campaigning for neocolonialism and claim to know more than an already inclusive language. But, what the Reddit user wanted to emphasize was that Filipino is already a gender neutral language, unlike Spanish.

“I have no beef with Fil-ams calling themselves “Filipinx” but they should keep in mind that they pushback they are getting for this term is a legitimate concern”, the user added.

Here is the full post:

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