Motorists Knocked Arrogant Man with Helmet After a Stabbing Attempt

Motorists Use Helmet to Knocked Arrogant Man Trying to Stab Them

Video footage of an intense commotion where a furious man trying to stab motorists but knocked down with the use of a helmet goes viral.

In video footage uploaded by a concerned netizen named Althea Iron Wing shows an intense commotion between a group of motorists and a furious man armed with a knife. As seen in the video a chubby man in barefoot wearing a green tank top and khaki-colored shorts was holding a knife.

Motorists Knocked Man with Helmet

The chubby man seems furious and pointing the knife to a motorist over an allegedly heated confrontation. Shortly after, he suddenly ran to the motorist wearing a reflectorized vest and try to stab him.

However, the man in his motorcycle throws a helmet on him that makes the angry man stop. While the guy armed with a knife touching his head where the helmet hit, another motorist slammed his red helmet to the face of the raging man.

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After the hit, the raging man feels unconscious and fell to the ground. When he falls, the guy who hardly hit him come near and hit him again. Other motorists in the scene also come near him to restrain him from moving.

Meanwhile, the motorist wearing a vest and allegedly an enforcer seems hurt, he hit him again with a helmet. Concerned motorists tied the raging man while he was covered with blood due to the helmet’s bust.

The video footage has gone viral on social media and earned elicited comments from the online community. Some netizens poke fun to the encounter saying that do not bring a knife when your opponent uses a helmet. A helmet is a better self-defense weapon.

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