VIDEO: PPAP Singer Pikotaro Sings With Pikachu In New Song

VIDEO: PPAP Singer Pikotaro Sings With Pikachu In New Song

PIKOTARO – Daimaou Kosaka, known as Pikotaro, the singer of PPAP, sings with Pikachu in his new song “Pika to Piko”.

YouTube – Pikotaro

In his new song, he tries to guess what Pikachu is saying in his “Pika-Pika” language, according to GMA News.

In the chorus, they dance while singing “Pika to Piko” which ends with the PPAP singer getting zapped by Pikachu’s thundershock.

In the video description, Kosaka said the following:

“We wanted to make something special that will make everyone smile and have fun at home as people worldwide are staying home this summer,”

The video also shows the Pokemon mascot wearing Pikotaro’s signature glasses and printed shawl. The latter, on the other hand, wears a headband with Pikachu ears and a deep red blush on his cheeks, based on the report.

Here is the said music video:

The video gained at about 4.4K likes, 166 dislikes, and 73K views, as of the moment. Here are some of the comments:

“They’re both yellow, they both speak gibberish, they’re both electric. No surprise Piko and Pika understand each other.”

nightvisiongoggles1 on YouTube

“This is really funny lol, I’m glad crunchyroll mentioned it’s was gonna be posted or I would’ve never revisited this guy. The last song I saw from him was PPAP haha!! 😆”

Weedle chu on YouTube

“I put immediately LIKE only for the fact you are the first singer in the world that made a collab with Pikachu 😀 Greetings from Italy 🇮🇹”

EMJ on YouTube

Kosaka is also currently starring in the current Super Sentai show “Mashin Sentai Kiramager” which is the 44th season in the series. He portrays the team’s mentor and founder of CARAT Muryou Hakataminami. There you can see references to his viral song “PPAP”.

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