Lady Vendor Supports 62 Family Members by Selling Veggies for 40 Years

Lady Vendor Earn Praise Online for Supporting 62 Family Member for 40 Years

A lady vendor goes viral online because of her inspiring story where she supports her large family for 40 years by peddling vegetables.

Recently, the Facebook page of Don Ramon Bagatsing has shared an inspiring story of a 54-year-old woman who sells vegetables for over 40 years of her life. The lady vendor was identified as Julie G. Obediente from Manila.

Lady Vendor
Image Source: Facebook

At a very young age of 14, Julie started selling vegetables in 1980. She had just finished high school. Apart from vegetables, she also sells fish, poultry, and consignments of meat.

But how could you imagine that with just her determination and through her efforts, she has supported her large family when the time she started to sell vegetables. According to the post, she has helped her eleven siblings as well as 30 nieces and nephews.

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She spends for their daily needs. When there is money left over, she pays it off with a defined debt. She raised a whole family and she was able to cope.

Julie also had a 7-year-old child. She gave birth to her child at very late age because she was also late on getting married.

Lady Vendor
Image Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, Don Ramon allegedly met his mother and saw that his cart was rotten. With the help of her and her friends, Mom was given a new pushcart and goods.

“May bago nang push cart si Nanay Julie (double the size, at may ball joint na yung mga gulong, hehe) na puno ng gulay, prutas, isda, karne, manok at kaunti pang cash puhunan sa susunod na buwan!!!” Ramon said on his post.

“Nanay Julie, Manila is so proud of you! Always remember this message. We love you. I’m so sure Yorme and Honey will support and protect you 100% sigurado ‘yan. Maglako po kayo with pride and dignity. Keep your chin up and continue to help your family. Rest assured we will support you all the way,” he added.

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