Pizza Box Made From Tampipi, Pandan Leaves Helps Locals In Pandemic

Pizza Box From BrickOven Lauded For Using Pizza Box Made From Tampipi

PIZZA BOX MADE FROM TAMPIPI – A restaurant from Cavinti found an eco-friendly alternative to cardboard and a way to help locals.

Amid the coronavirus quarantine, millions of Filipinos have lost their sources of income. Moreover, people who earn a living from traditional jobs such as weaving have been severely hit by the lockdowns. Luckily, a problem that arose for a restaurant called the BrickOven became a solution for many of the local weavers of Cavinti.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Denisse Porca, the owner of the BrickOven said they were left without cardboard boxes for their deliveries. This was caused by Metro Manila going under lockdown due to increased coronavirus cases.

Pizza Box Made From Tampipi, Pandan Leaves Helps Locals In Pandemic

Thankfully, the people at BrickOven thought of an alternative source they could use that was already close to home – tampipi.

According to Porca, Cavite’s primary industry was hat weaving. As such, they thought of requesting hat weavers to make pizza boxes instead of hats. After seeing a prototype of the boxes, the people at BrickOven thought it looked so good and decided to continue its use for their pizzas.

Because of this, local weavers now had a source of extra income and at the same time, they helped the environment by using eco-friendly materials. Along with this, the tampipi pizza boxes provided a beautiful native aesthetic to a modern classic such as pizza.

Here is the video made by SCMP on the BrickOven and Tampipi pizza boxes:

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