Michael Pacquiao On Criticisms & What It’s Like Being A Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao son Michael Pacquiao speaks about bearing and carrying their famous last name.

MICHAEL PACQUIAO – Up and coming rapper Michael Pacquiao says he can do so much better and has talent and his success is not about his last name.

What comes next the last name of “Pacquiao” is boxing and wealth. They are among the richest family in the Philippines and that is all because of the hard work of their patriarch Manny Pacquiao. However, despite being hailed as one of the richest clans, they have all remained as the most humble.


And their children: Jimuel, 19; Michael, 18; Mary Divine Grace, 13; Queen Elizabeth, 11; and Israel, 5, seems like also feeling the pressure of being a “Pacquiao”. With the popularity of their last name, people couldn’t help but think that whatever success they would have, their famous last name would always have a great contribution to it.

But for their second child, Michael, an up and coming rapper, he wrote a song where he put his personal thought on the lyrics. And in his lyrics, he indicated he wanted to prove something and that he has talent. He wanted to prove that he can also work hard and make a name for himself without using the privilege of their last name.


“And people would say, it has to do with my last name. But, you know, I understand naman. But at the same time, it’s, like, I work hard to achieve what I am,” he said. The young artist added as per report from PEP, “I wanted to prove that I can. I have talent and I have something. I don’t just rely on my parents.”

And as per the criticisms, he has the best support system and people surrounding him to talk to. Some comments would be funny for him and some would hit him but there’s his family who is always there for him. He loves music, dancing, he plays the piano, and do the beatbox.



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