Sharon Cuneta Leaves This Heartbreaking Message To KC Concepcion

Megastar Sharon Cuneta has this message for KC Concepcion

SHARON CUNETA – Veteran actress and Megastar Sharon Cuneta has this message for her daughter KC Concepcion which touched many hearts.

KC Concepcion is the first and only daughter of Megastar Sharon Cuneta with her former husband Gabby Concepcion. Although the marriage of this iconic love team turned real life couple before wasn’t successful, they make it a point to make their daughter feel loved despite their separation.

They would always assure her that she can go to whoever she wants. Currently, KC is living alone. She spent a vacation at Farm San Benito and her photos told that she enjoyed her stay so much in there.

In an Instagram post, the megastar wrote that her eldest and her baby girl shouldn’t be made to feel alone as she did not choose to be born in a family that’s been bound to be broken apart. She wrote, “If I could…I would turn back the clock, and though I know the break-up still would have happened, I would try to shield her innocence from time…But the part of life I gave her isn’t mine…Yet I would…If only I could…”

She furthered that even though things have happened that way to them, the three of them will remain a family and that they would love her forever because she’s their first child who made them parents. She also shared that her father, Gabbi Concepcion, was planning to supposedly name her brother Gavin.

Heartbreaking, Cuneta recalled, “I forget how many of you we planned to have. But I wouldn’t have minded having 5 more like you.”


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