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Manang Biday Lyrics | Lyrics Of This Ilocano Song

MANANG BIDAY LYRICS – In this topic, we are going to read and listen to the lyrics and music of the well-known Ilocano song “Manang Biday”.


According to TagalogLang, it is a well-known Ilocano song.

Ilocano is an Austronesian language from the Philippines, It is the third most-spoken language. The language is said to have been originated in Taiwan

It is the lingua franca of the northern region of the Philippines and the second language of the native speakers of Ibanag, Ivatan, and other languages in Northern Luzon.

The song Manang Biday is about an “older sister” whose name is Biday.


Here are the following lyrics:


Manang Biday, ilukat mo man
‘Ta bintana ikalumbabam
Ta kitaem ‘toy kinayawan
Ay, matayakon no dinak kaasian
Siasinnoka nga aglabaslabas
Ditoy hardinko pagay-ayamak
Ammom ngarud a balasangak
Sabong ni lirio, di pay nagukrad

Denggem, ading, ta bilinenka
Ta inkanto ‘diay sadi daya
Agalakanto’t bunga’t mangga
Ken lansones pay, adu a kita

No nangato, dika sukdalen
No nababa, imo gaw-aten
No naregreg, dika piduten
Ngem labaslabasamto met laeng

Daytoy paniok no maregregko
Ti makapidut isublinanto
Ta nagmarka iti naganko
Nabordaan pay ti sinanpuso

Alaem dayta kutsilio
Ta abriem ‘toy barukongko
Tapno maipapasmo ti guram
Kaniak ken sentimiento

English Translation

Dear Biday, please open
Open your window
So you can see the one who adores you
Oh, I will die if you will not care

Who are you who keeps passing by?
In my garden where I play
You know I’m a lady
My flowers has not bloomed

Listen my dear so I can tell you
Just go south
Get a mango fruit
Even lanzones and other kinds.

If it’s low, do not grab it
If it’s high, don’t reach for it
If it fell, don’t pick it
But pass by it

My handkerchief if I drop it
Whoever finds it will return it
My name is written in it
Also embroided is a heart

Get that knife
To open my chest
To pass your anger
to me and sadness

Music Video

Here is the music video by robie317 on YouTube:

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