What Are Environmental Ethics? Meaning And Principles

What Are Environmental Ethics? Meaning And Principles

ENVIRONMENTAL ETHICS – In this topic, we are going to know the definition and principles of environmental ethics.


It is a branch of ethics that studies the relation of human beings and how ethics plays a vital role in this, according to Conserve Energy Future.

This ethics branch believes that humans are a part of society as other living creatures, which includes plant and animals.


Here are the following principles of this ethic branch:

  • Anthropocentrism
    • This suggests that human beings are the most important beings.
  • Non-Anthropocentrism
    • Unlike anthropocentrism, this principle gives value to every object, every animmal in nature.
  • Psychocentrism
    • It is the principle that believes that human beings hold more value in the environment since their mental capacities are better developed and far more complex than others.
  • Biocentrism
    • A philosophy that imparts vitality to all living beings. It is the principle that ensures the proper balance of ecology on the planet.
  • Holism
    • This considers environment systems as a whole rather than just being individual parts of something.
  • Resourcism
    • This suggests that nature is considered to be valuable only because it has resources to provide with
  • Speciesism
    • This justifies the superiority of the human race, as well as the exploitation and maltreatment of animals by humankind.
  • Moral Considerability
    • An important principle of environmental ethics. This towards a being means that we agree that all our interactions whatsoever with the being is bound by moral laws.
  • Instrumental Value
    • Refers to the value imparted to a being as long as it can serve us with resources.
  • Intrinsic Value
    • Refers to the value attached to a being just for itself and not only for its resourcefulness.
  • Aesthetic Value
    • This principle is imparted to a being by virtue of its looks or its beauty.
  • Animal Liberation or Animal Rights
    • This principle aims to secure animal life and ensure their welfare by enforcing certain laws.
  • Animal Welfare
    • This refers to the principle that ensures that the animals are treated well and humanely

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