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Israel Launches Air Strike Against Syria

ISRAEL LAUNCHES AIR STRIKE – Tensions began to rise as Israel launched an air strike on Syrian Military late Monday.

The strike followed a thwarted attack on Israeli borders allegedly by the Syrian government. Israeli fighter jets, helicopters, and other warplanes struck Syrian army posts near Quneitra. However, merely material damage was done.

According to an article from Philstar, the strike was retaliation for Syria’s attempt to place explosives in the Golan Heights.

Israel Launches Air Strike As Retaliation Against Thwarted Border Attack
Image from: The National

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The targets struck include observation posts and intelligence collection systems, anti-aircraft artillery facilities and command and control systems in SAF (Syrian Armed Forces) bases

Furthermore, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) emphasized that the hold the Syrian government responsible for activities on Syrian land. Additionally, the IDF said it would continue operations against any violation of Israeli sovereignty.

As per the article, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said:

The army thwarted an attempted attack on the Syrian front… We don’t let our guard down.

Moreover, the Prime Minister had a clear message for those who would try and attack Israel. He said the country would “strike anyone who attacks us or tries to attack us”.

Since 2011, Israel has done hundreds of attacks in Syria. Mostly, government troops and their allied Iranian and Hezbollah forces. Also, Iran vowed to end Iran’s military hold on Syria.

Meanwhile, last Monday, Israel reported that they defended against an infiltration attempt from Lebanon with up to five Hezbollah gunmen. However, this claim was denied by the group.

We do not know at this stage and we cannot confirm a link between this terrorist squad and Hezbollah or Iranians.

We know that there are many different factions operating on Syrian soil.

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