Driver Attempts To Smuggle LSIs, Gets Apprehended By Authorities

DRIVER ATTEMPTS TO SMUGGLE LSI – Thousands of Locally Stranded Individuals (LSIs) have struggled to get home to their provinces.

Sadly, this resulted in them choosing alternative and risky ways to get back to home. Furthermore, untested LSIs could potentially be carriers of the new coronavirus, COVID-19.

As such, Baguio City ramped-up their response to vehicles carrying illegal tourists, workers or LSIs. Moreover, there was an unprecedented surge in COVID-19 cases last week, causing local authorities to be more cautious.

Driver Attempts To Smuggle LSIs To Baguio Using Fake WHO IDs
Image from UNTV

However, some drivers still take the risk of ferrying LSIs despite the repercussions. This happened with a driver from Pasig City who thought he could bypass security measures by posing as a World Health Organization employee.

Ernesto Ferrer Jr was apprehended at a checkpoint at Irisan on Monday carrying 4 LSI passengers. Apparently, Ferrer placed a WHO sticker on his car window and printed out his own WHO ID.

Furthermore, he said that his passengers contacted the health organization for help so they could enter Baguio. But, Ferrer failed to present documents to support his claims.

In lieu of this, the LSIs were directed to proceed to the triage area for LSIs at Teacher’s camp. According to a report from Rappler, when Ferrer and his passenger’s got to the camp, PCpl Sharon Patacsil verified that Ferrer was not a WHO employee. Along with this, both the sticker and his ID were also found to be fake.

Ferrer was charged with falsifying documents, and violating the Mandatory Reporting of Notifiable Diseases and Health Events of Public Health Concern Act.

Currently, the Philippines has reported over 106,000 COVID-19 cases. Meanwhile, Baguio has confirmed 128 cases of the deadly disease with 67 active cases.

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