Dingdong Dantes Pens Heartfelt 40th Birthday Message Honoring Mom, Marian Rivera

Birthday Message of Dingdong Dantes As He Turned 40

DINGDONG DANTES – The Kapuso actor took to social media a heartfelt message honoring his mom and wife Marian Rivera on his 40th birthday.

One of the most celebrated birthdays in a person’s life is when he or she turns 40 years old. Have you heard of that line that life begins at 40? Not everyone may agree to it and every birthday is truly special and worth celebrating.

One of the celebrities who really looked forward to his 40th birthday is Kapuso actor Dingdong Dantes. In his post for his 40th birthday, he revealed that five (5) months ago he was excited about a “90’s rock, all out party”.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the birthday celebration of Dingdong yesterday was different. Meanwhile, the optimism of the Kapuso actor is evident and he honored the special people in his life as he turned 40 years old.

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In his post on Instagram, Dingdong Dantes honored his mom, Angeline, and his wife, actress Marian Rivera, on his 40th birthday messahe. He tagged them as his “blessings” and the “greatest gifts” to him.

According to the Kapuso actor, he realized the sacrifices of his mother when it became time for him to become a father. He has now two (2) adorable kids, Zia and Sixto. He stressed that he also celebrates the strength, love, and commitment of his mom in every greeting he receives on his birthday.


In his Instagram post, Dingdong tagged Marian as his “rock and core”. According to him, building his own family is content and satisfying because Marian is his partner “in and for life”.

Dingdong did not fail to honor the Creator as well on his 40th birthday. He has made everything possible for the actor. Here’s his Instagram post:


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