How To Apply Jargon In Our Daily Lives – Examples & Applications

How To Apply Jargon In Our Daily Lives – Its More Useful Than You Think

HOW TO APPLY JARGON IN OUR DAILY LIVES – Aside from the usual “Team Building” exercises, Jargons are an important aspect of socializing.

Think of jargon as a sort of secret language. It could be an insider terminology that only a select few of your friends or peers understand. Basically, jargon are words that bare no meaning outside your group without certain context.

Furthermore, it is also useful when you are in a certain field of study. For example, if you are a programmer, bugs would mean a totally different thing than an actual bug. Likewise, if you are in the field of biology, bugs would have a different meaning to programmers.

How To Apply Jargon In Our Daily Lives – Examples & Applications

A common example of jargon used in Team Building exercises is the word “waterfall”. When somebody is talking and some people are being noisy, the facilitator would say the word “waterfall” to tell people to keep quiet (because the sound of the waterfall is similar to the sound made when shushing somebody). As a result, you don’t sound rude by directly shushing the noisy ones on the team.

So, if you’re talking informally to people within your same field of study or group of friends, jargon could easily be used and understood. However, during more formal writing or public speaking, using jargons should definitely be avoided.

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