Good Samaritan Syrian Vlogger Receives iPhone 11 from a Subscriber

The good Samaritan Syrian vlogger Basel Manadil received an expensive phone from one of his subscribers on Youtube who admire him.

Basel is the Syrian national who lives in the Philippines to help less fortunate Filipinos. Also known as the Hungry Syrian Wanderer, he never hesitates to extend help to poor Filipinos. Netizens reached him out to help needy people.

Because of his generosity, many Filipino netizens admire and praise him. Meanwhile, Basel came to a cellphone repair shop to fix his phone. It was found out that his phone was repaired twice but he has no plans to replace it.

Good Samaritan Vlogger

Apparently, good deeds receive rewards, too. One of his subscribers on YouTube noticed his post and offer him a brand new phone to replace his broken phone. His subscriber does not just give a normal phone but an expensive iPhone 11.

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Basel was surprised as his staff told him that a new phone was delivered to his restaurant.  “Somebody’s boss gifted you an iPhone. An IPHONE,” the message read.

Good Samaritan Vlogger

Feeling excited but having doubts that it was just a prank, Basel immediately went to his restaurant to find it out. Basel did the unboxing, upon opening the box, it revealed a black iPhone 11 64GB.

He said that he had long planned to buy a new phone, but he was busy prioritizing tablets to be given to students for their online classes. Along with the phone, a note was attached.

The sender thanked him for helping the Filipino people and putting them first rather than himself. Basel gave one of his staff a MacBook air laptop, his employees home to stay for free, financial assistance but he has not yet bought a new one for himself.

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