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Answers To The Question “What Are Main Verbs?”

WHAT ARE MAIN VERBS – Verbs are an important foundation in the structure of a sentence as they signify the action of the subject.

Meanwhile, the main verb refers to the most important verb of a sentences. This primarily highlights the action or state of being of the subject. Additionally, these types of verbs could stand alone or be used with an auxiliary verb (helping verb).

What Are Main Verbs? – Definition And Examples Of Main Verbs

Here are some examples:

  • Peter enjoys sports.
    • In our example, “enjoy” would be the main vert with the subject being “Peter”, completing the action. Moreover, this would be the only verb in the sentence.
  • In order to become a driver, you have to take several classes
    • Here, “take” is the main verb. The subject completing the action is “You”. But, “take” isn’t the only verb in the sentence. However, it is the verb of the main clause.

Another thing to consider is that the main verb completes an action by itself. As such they do not require additional verbs to emphasize the action. But, they could still be used with helping verbs.

Meanwhile, helping verbs cannot stand by itself. They need to be used with main verbs and they also change verb tense and the meaning. Here are some examples:

  • I was assisting Annie.
    • In this example, “assisting” is our main verb with the subject “I” completing the action. However, “assisting” wasn’t the only verb. We used the helping verb “was” to complete the verb phrase.

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