Agot Isidro Got New Posts Regarding “Bikes” Issue w/ Jinkee Pacquiao

AGOT ISIDRO – The actress hit back at the camp of celebrity wife Jinkee Pacquiao over the “bikes” issue.

Recently, the Hermes bicycle and another bicycle of the Pacquiao couple went viral on social media. It was after Agot Isidro reacted to Jinkee Pacquiao posting about the said luxury bikes.

Agot Isidro

The actress stated that the people know that the Pacquiao family has a lot of money and the people don’t care about where it would be used. However, according to her, a lot of people have no work and are struggling to earn money for the food of the family. She called out for “sensitivity”.

To this, the camp of Jinkee Pacquiao responded. Pacquiao family’s business manager Arnold Vegafria defended the celebrity wife stating that their wealth is hard-earned by the boxer and from the investments his wife made.

Arnold also stated that what Jinkee is posting on social media is not for the people to judge. He stressed that she and Pacman have helped a lot of people but it is not publicized as they kept it from the cameras.

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Recently, Agot Isidro hit back at the camp of Jinkee Pacquiao over the “bikes” issue. In one of her recent Tweets, she stressed that she has mentioned that does not care about where the Pacquiao family spends their money.

Furthermore, the actress expressed her certainty that Pacman’s family has helped a lot of people. However, she raised a question if there is a need for people to see their luxuries amid many people struggling now.

Aside from it, Agot Isidro took to the social media another post. According to her, what triggered the camp of Jinkee Pacquiao is not the word “insensitive” but the word “nouveau”. This term is the shortcut for “nouveau riche” which refers to a person who just acquired wealth.

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