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Jinri Park Shares Her New Life In Australia On Instagram

JINRI PARK – Jinri Park, a former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate recently shared her new life in Australia on Instagram.

In her recent Instagram post, she describe that her 30s was a turning point in her life compared to her 20s which was glamour.

In her current state of life, her life has turned 180 degrees. She married her partner John and moved with him in his hometown in Sydney, Australia.

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She added that she recently worked as a trainee for a restaurant being a waitress. Jinri admitted that she does not know what to do when she moved to the area, adding that she felt like she went back to zero.

The celebrity added that she did not feel like she fit in that glamorous life of being a model and wanted to move past this life to something she would grow into.

She added that she got to choose something that would fit both her strengths and personality, adding that she will disclose that once it starts.

The celebrity also said that she already met with some awesome Pinoy guests at the restaurant she work in and was further delighted at how nice they were.

Here is the said post on Instagram:

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My 30s: A turning point in my life If I had to describe my 20s in a word it would be glamour. From all the fun times I had during my college days, just drinking and clubbing with my friends to becoming a radio jock, model, actress and host, it’s definitely been exciting. I had the opportunity to be infront of the mic and camera, having people doll me up and living very comfortably. Not saying that it was all fun, I had my fair share of being a newbie in the industry, heartbreaks, hardships etc(just as everyone else). But When I look back now, I can definitely say I lived my life to the fullest. Now that I’m in my 30s, life has changed 180! I got married, moved to Australia, and now…got a job! For this past week I worked as a trainee for a restaurant being a waitress (I did graduate with a degree in HRM and worked also at Your Local for about a year as a Maitre d). Honestly when I moved to Sydney I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I felt like I was back to zero, with not knowing what career path I’d want to take. I didn’t feel like I fit in that glamorous life of being a model anymore, and wanted to move past it to something I would grow into. Maybe even spend the rest of my life doing. After months of thinking and discussing with family, I got to choose something I thought would be a good match for my strengths and personality. I can’t tell you right now but will definitely update everyone once it starts! So for now, I need to earn my tuition fee to get a degree for that job I want in the future(tuition fees for international students are extremely expensive here!!!). I’ve already met some awesome pinoy guests at the restaurant I work in and I was delighted how nice they were! If you ever meet me don’t be shy! It’s creepier if you just stare hahaha Looking forward to my new start,taking responsibility for my future. These are exciting times, it’s never too late to start again. Don’t ever be afraid to do something new, to start from the bottom and build your way up again. Thank you to my followers who have been supportive even after I got married, moved to Australia and don’t work as a sexy model hahaha I love you guys! Have the courage to start!❤️

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The post gained at around 11 thousand likes. Here are some of the following coments:

“WHY waitress?? I mean there’s more better job than that w/your degree!! Well here in US TIPS is huge but still that’s job I think is just a start for you my dear!! Hope you’ll find a career that’s fits you!! Goodluck😍”

@sanpad03 on Instagram

“Good on you for moving forward to chapter 2..

As for high tuition, search for scholarships. There’s quite a few down there and you might find one that fits you”

@fungibles on Instagram

“Get it gurl! Proud of you! Have fun in Australia!!”

@coraleenwaddell on Instagram

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