What Is The Scientific Name Of Hercules Beetle? (ANSWERS)

What Is The Scientific Name Of Hercules Beetle? (ANSWERS)

SCIENTIFIC NAME OF HERCULES BEETLE – In this topic, we are going to know and identify the binomial or scientific name of Hercules beetle.

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It is a species of rhinoceros beetle which is native to rain forests of Central America, South America, and the Lesser Antilles.

It is known for its tremendous strength and is named after the Greek myth hero Hercules.

The male beetles have the characteristic horns which are on the head and on the prothorax. They have a black body except for elytra (forewing) which is olive-green in color.

Their sizes vary between 50 to 85 milimeters or 2.0 to 3.3 inches in length, excluding the horn.

Scientific name

The binomial name of Hercules Beetle is Dynastes hercules.

Dynastes is a genus of huge beetles in the scarab family Scarabaeidae. It is a New Latin term which means “a ruler or prince”. It is derived from the Greek dunástēs which means the same thing.

The species name hercules, on the other hand, is obviously referred to the Greek myth hero Hercules, citing its tremendous strength.

There are also several subspecies of Hercules beetle, among them were the following:

  • Dynastes hercules ecuatorianus
  • Dynastes hercules morishimai
  • Dynastes hercules occidentalis
  • Dynastes hercules reidi

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