Sinulog Street Dance In Cebu Amid Pandemic – Brgy. Chief In Hot Water

Sinulog Street Dance In Cebu Not Stopped Despite Coronavirus

CEBU CITY – A Barangay Chief has been heavily criticized for failing to stop a Sinulog Street Dance amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the most important reminders we are given during this pandemic is to adhere to social distancing. However, this was not practiced in Basak San Nicolas Cebu City.

Despite the coronavirus outbreak in Cebu, a Sinulog Street Dance celebration was held causing an influx of people gathering on the streets. This led to residents criticizing Barangay Captain Norman Navarro for his failure to stop the event.

Sinulog Street Dance In Cebu Amid Pandemic – Brgy. Chief In Hot Water
Image from: CDN

However, Navarro emphasized that he had no intention of approving the street dance. In an interview with CDN, the Barangay Captain stated:

I will face the charges against me. I will defend myself because my conscience is clear

According to him, he merely agreed with the organizers that the image of Sto. Niño would be paraded on the streets on a multi-cab. But, he said he never agreed to allow people to join the procession and the Sinulog.

Currently, Cebu is still placed under the Enhanced Community Quarantine. As such, celebrations and gatherings such as processions are not allowed.

As per the report, Cebu City police said they decided to include Navarro in the case due to his failure to impose and supervise quarantine protocols. Along with Navarro, 13 other individuals involved will be given charges.

Following the event, Photos of the procession went viral on the internet over the weekend. People were seen disregarding physical distancing while dancers performed traditional Sinulog dances while wearing face masks.

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