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Philippines Said Agriculture Dept Monitoring New Swine Flu

NEW SWINE FLU – According to the Agriculture Department of the Philippines, the country is monitoring the new swine flu from China.

Recently, reports were made about a potential new pandemic threat from China. Researchers discovered a new strain of swine flu which was extremely effective in transmitting to humans.

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Based on a study published by researchers in China in the US science journal PNAS, the new swine flu was named “G4”. Furthermore, it was known to be a genetic descendant of the H1N1.

Philippines Monitoring New Swine Flu From China - Philnews
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Meanwhile, according to an article from ABS-CBN, Dr. Ronnie Domingo, officer-in-charge of the Bureau of Animal Industry said:

Itong influenza virus, kilala po ito sa pagiging balimbing. Nagbabago-bago po ang kaniyang makeup, nagmu-mutate po siya kaya binabantayan nila.

Baka po iyang nakita nila sa China e mag-mutate iyan, mabilis na siyang kumalat at magko-cause na siya ng sakit

Additionally, he emphasized that viruses may mutate and spread because of climate change, human encroachment, and aggressive trading between nations.

However, Domingo reminded that the Philippines had already banned the importation of pork and chicken from China. This was due to cases of bird flu and foot and mouth disease.

But, it could be recalled how the Philippines had a severe case of African Swine Fever. Moreover, the agriculture department blamed the spread of the disease to smuggled pork from China.

Coincidentally, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the spread of ASF had drastically lowered. Previously, there were 63 cases of ASF per 1 million pigs. Now, Domingo said the cases lowered to 20 per 1 million pigs.

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