Andi Eigenmann Viral Photo: Ex-Actress Shares Story Behind Water Tub

Here’s the story behind ‘Andi Eigenmman Viral Photo’

Andi Eigenmann Viral Photo – The former actress revealed the story behind the water tub as she was holding in a photo that went viral online.

When Andi decided to leave the entertainment industry and live in Siargao with partner Philmar Alipayo, she has been living a simple life in the province. She would show glimpses of her life on the island through her vlogs.

andi eigenmann
📷: @andieigengirl IG

Just recently, she shared that she already sold many of her properties and she has coped up with the life of no “yaya” and driver, unlike the time when she was still active in showbiz.

A netizen even shared on Facebook that the former actress was spotted holding a huge water tub without “kyeme” while riding on a motorcycle with her surfer partner.

andi eigenmann viral photo
📷: Contessa Aubrea Paraico Carnaje Facebook

The said photo went viral as most people were used to see her glamorous life in the entertainment industry. Without hesitation, she chose a life that makes her happy and contented with her own family.

Andi Eigenmann was able to know that her candid photo went viral when an Instagram user tagged her. She shared this on her Instagram Story with the reaction regarding the huge water tub that she was holding.

The former actress said that if she wants to buy things, she must hold them while they are riding on the motorcycle. “I have to hold it. And pray I won’t drop it cus patay tayo kay @chepoxz,” she said.

andi eigenmann post
📷: @andieigengirl IG / via Star Cinema

Meanwhile, the couple celebrated their baby Lilo’s 10th month last May. Andi Eigenmann shared this development that the cute baby had. “At this point she also manages to stand on her own and has already taken 2-3 steps without anybody’s help!” she shared.

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