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China Threatens Countermeasures Against US If Penalized For Sedition Law

CHINA THREATENS US – Hong Kong is yet again in a state of turmoil after citizens protested against a new law being forcefully imposed on the people.

Beijing, along with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) planned to pass a new security law for Hong Kong. Due to months of massive movements from citizens, the law was created to ban treason, subversion, and sedition.

With this law, protesters protecting the sovereignty of the people of Hong Kong could potentially be tagged as terrorist. Moreover, Western nations feared the new law could strike a deadly blow to the freedom of Hong Kong and its people.

China Threatens US Amid Hong Kong Protest - Philnews
Image from: Sunny Mok

As such, even amidst the coronavirus pandemic, hundreds of people took to the streets in protest to defend their rights. Meanwhile, Washington’s national security advisor Robert O’Briend warned about imposing the new law.

He said that it could cost the city its preferential US trading status. However, China’s foreign ministry said Beijing would strike back with countermeasures if that were to happen.

According to an article from ABS-CBN, the ministry’s spokesman Zhao Lijian said: “If the US insists on hurting China’s interests, China will have to take every necessary measure to counter and oppose this“.

Likewise, Hong Kong’s security minister John Lee emphasized that the new law is of much importance. He stated that terrorism is on the rise in Hong Kong and could potentially harm national security.

Protesters have demanded amnesty for the 8,500 people arrested and universal suffrage. However, Beijing has dismissed those demands completely. During Sunday’s rally, police have arrested around 120 protesters.

As such, fears arose as some of the previous arrested individuals were shipped to China without being heard from again.

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