Malabon Zoo Struggles to Feed Animals Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Malabon Zoo Struggles to Feed Animals Amid Health Crisis

Malabon Zoo admitted that they are now struggling to feed the animals amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Malabon Zoo Owner Manny Tangco expressed their concern and struggles in giving care for the animals inside the zoo. Tangco initially thought that their savings are enough to feed the animals throughout the quarantine period.

Zoos and parks are not allowed to operate under the modified enhanced community quarantine leading the owner to struggle to provide foods for the animals amid the health crisis.

Malabon Zoo

“When this lockdown began, we thought that two months lang ‘to kaya ko ito sa savings ko tsaka makakahiram ako sa mga kamag-anak ko; nang ma-realize namin na magtatagal pa pala ito.” Tangco said.

Tangco said that all their employees with all their families are currently staying in the zoo making sure that none of them would get infected. It only shows that zoo animals are not spared by the effects of COVID-19.

Malabon Zoo

The Zoo is already asking for donations amid the health crisis in the country as they struggled to provide food for the animals.

“Panic mode na kami, so I placed in my gate, ‘Please help with your cash donations for the food of zoo animals.” Tangco added.

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