Celebrity Mayor in Central Luzon Gives Relief Goods from Sponsors Only

Who is this celebrity mayor in a city in Central Luzon who is not using the calamity fund?

A celebrity mayor in Central Luzon city, reportedly, distributed relief goods to constituents but these were just from sponsors and donations only.

Every city or municipality has calamity funds that can be used in times like the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in certain areas, people are complaining about not receiving the needed cash assistance of relief goods that they should have.

Based on the article from the Philippine Entertainment Portal, there is a mayor who is a celebrity who appeared to be not fulfilling the duty as a leader of the city. It was said that the said politician is a male celebrity who is popular in his profession.

celebrity mayor
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It was said that the source of entertainment columnist Gorgy Rula, who is also his friend, revealed that the first wave of the relief goods that the the celebrity distributed consisted 2 kilos of rice, sardines, noodles, and a pack of food enhancer.

Reportedly, the constituents of the said mayor found out that the three latter items came from donations and sponsorship by his friends. That means, the only item that the city bought from the calamity fund was the rice.

One thing that was questioned by the residents of the said city in Central Luzon was the food enhancer because what would they do with it. Despite this frustration, people are anticipating that the second wave of relief goods would be much better than the first.

Because of this, columnist Jerry Olea added in the article that the credibility of a public servant will be known in the time of crisis.

Who do you think this mayor is?

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