What Is Ponkan? – Popular Fruits Of The Philippines

Answers To The Question: What Is Ponkan

WHAT IS PONKAN – The Philippines is home to a variety of fruits loved by the Filipino people.

In this article we are going to talk more about the popular fruit called “Ponkan” that is usually sold in the streets.

What Is Ponkan? - Popular Fruits Of The Philippines

The fruit’s name is actually derived from Chinese. As such, it is called a “Chinese Honey Orange”. Previously the fruit was thought to be pure mandarin, however, it was revealed that it was actually a mix of mandarin and pomelo.

Although derived from Chinese the fruit’s name actually comes from the city of Pune, India. Additionally, “kan” in Japanese meant citrus. Thus, combining the two words, we got “Pon-Kan”.

The fruit i-s very sweet and round in shape at just about 7-8cm wide in size. Unlike most fruit trees, a Ponkan’s tree are heavy bearing every other year. Sometimes, the limbs of the trees even break due heavy yields.

Moreover, Ponkans are widely grown in Japan and in the Philippines and has become to most popular mandarin in the world.

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