Furious Barangay Captain Pulled Gun to Beat a Lady Complaining of SAP

Furious Barangay Captain Pulled Gun to Beat a Lady Due to SAP Goes Viral

Viral video footage of intense commotion between a woman who complains about the Social Amelioration Program and furious barangay captain.

Furious Barangay Captain
Image captured from the video

Under the social amelioration program of the DSWD, assistance will be given to low-income households, including senior citizens, persons with a disability, single parents, overseas Filipinos in distress, and pregnant mothers, who were affected by the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic.

However, not all families are able to avail of the government cash assistance due to the classification of life status, an only selective individual is qualified for social amelioration assistance.

Recently, a concerned netizen named Kiven Hawks shared a video footage of an intense commotion between barangay captain and one of his lady constituents because of Social Amelioration Program cash assistance.

In the video uploaded, it shows that the captain went raging after possibly felt pissed due to the alleged complains of the victim about the SAP cash. Possible reason commotion, the victim maybe not included on the list of benefactors.

Furious Barangay Captain
Image captured from the video

The furious leader ran into the house of the lady and suddenly pulled a gun. Another video clip shows the face of the victim with a blasted lip, she was allegedly being hit by the gun.

The video has gone viral on social media after it was uploaded. Netizens also express various reactions towards the incident saying ‘dahil sa SAP na yan marami ang nagaaway at nagkakasiraan.’

Here are some of their reactions:

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